Olga Samson

Olga Samson, RHN

Why did I become a Nutritionist? It didn’t happen in one day. I have always been interested in natural alternatives. My journey in deciding to become nutritionist, evolved from a personal experience with my health. After giving birth to my first child, I developed chronic fatigue which lasted for 3 years. Doctors told me there was nothing seriously wrong with me. Of course, I was happy that I wasn’t diagnosed with an incurable illness, but my health problem still wasn’t solved. I was also frustrated that practicing a holistic diet and taking natural supplements and herbs was not enough to restore my health. I continued to research alternative health healing methods and was guided to a natural health practitioner who convinced me to try a whole body detox. I had no other way to go, so I followed her recommendations. After several months of intensive body cleanses I finally I reached the point where most of my symptoms disappeared. Being inspired, I continued to read and educate myself about different holistic healing methods. I have come to believe that every health concern has emotional, physical and spiritual connections. After having my third child, I decided to incorporate my alternative health interests into my studies and profession. Through my studies at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I learned more knowledge and techniques that gave me the confidence to help others in preventing and overcoming degenerative diseases. I dedicate my practice to all of you who are sincerely searching for optimal health, and a new way of life, through proper diet, herbs and supplements, rest, exercise, cleansing, good water, and healthy emotions.

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