Sharon Denomme

Sharon Denomme, RHN, Certified B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapist, N.E.A.R. Certified

Like many people, my journey to wellness started with my own health issues at a young age. I suffered from a severe ragweed allergy, hormonal and thyroid issues and I was overweight. In addition, I eventually developed a tumor on my ovary, polyp in my colon, gallbladder issues and pre-cancerous stomach cells. My sister and father both passed away as a result of stomach cancer and I was told I would be next. My immune system had been compromised by too many antibiotics prescribed for frequent bouts of H-Pylori, so I was continually plagued with colds and flus over the years. It seemed like I was always sick.

I started seeing a BIE therapist for allergies and while it helped, I wanted to understand what was causing my allergies and how to eliminate them for good, rather than having to get treatments every year. I decided to get educated and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2012. I learned that digestion and yeast/parasites were connected so I changed my diet and worked on my digestion. The next year, I became a B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapist and later studied the endocrine system with Dr. Theresa Dale at the California College of Natural Medicine. Throughout this time, I continued to research and study more while making changes to my diet and lifestyle with good results.

In 2014, I accepted a volunteer position to assist in developing a Wellness business in Waterloo. Being a volunteer has definitely enriched my knowledge in alternative health methods. Among other things, I have been introduced to natural remedies, backed by bio-chemical research studies, which I had never heard of before. I have tried some of them when I felt a cold or flu coming on. I can happily say they do work. As a result of my wellness journey, including my lifestyle changes and the information gleaned from working with Olga, I am now healthier than I have ever been and I no longer worry about cancer. Being healthier allows me to stay active and enjoy other hobbies and passions. These include salsa and ballroom dancing, working out at the gym, travelling, reading about nutrition and energy healing, spending time with family and helping others along their wellness journey.

I hope you will consider some of our services to assist you on your journey to wellness, especially our wellness classes. You will be amazed at the information presented and you won’t find a program like this anywhere else.

Sharon Denomme