"The Power of the Immune System”

Wellness Journey Place invites you to their seminar on the Immune System.

The number of bacterial and fungal infections resistant to antibiotics has been increasing in recent years. Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat to people with weakened immune systems.  As a result,  medications typically used to treat these infections have become ineffective. Scientists  have not been able to develop an effective antidote to these dangerous invaders.  The only effective protection is the human immune system - the body's natural defense.


This seminar will briefly explain how the immune system works. The basis of the seminar deals with how to keep your immune system healthy by eliminating body invaders such as parasites, bacteria and fungi. You will learn how herbs and food from your kitchen can  fight viruses, bacteria and fungi. The seminar will also include natural methods to detoxify the elimination organs (i.e.: colon, liver, kidney) in order to reap the benefits of better health.


Date:           Saturday June 22, 2019 

Time:           10 am - 2 pm

Admission:  $50.00

Location:       86 Rankin St, Waterloo, ON, N2V 1V9

Registration:  to save your spot you can register via-Email: