Individual Services

To assist you on your wellness journey, we can provide several individual services including: Nutritional Counselling sessions, B.A.S.E. Allergy treatments and specialty products. For those less fortunate, we provide Charitable Services and accept donations to help those in need with product purchases. To learn more about these services, refer to the descriptions below.

1- Individual Nutritional Counselling Sessions

If you want to fast track your wellness journey, we can provide assistance with our individual nutritional counseling sessions in person, by phone or on-line. For additional information, see the 'Individual Nutrtional Counseling' tab below. To book an appointment, click here for our New Client Information Page and then go to our contact page.


Holistic Allergy Treatments (B.A.S.E.)

Many symptoms and diseases begin with poor digestion which can lead to sensitivities and allergies. We can teach you how to improve your digestion and also provide B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapy along with homeopathic remedies which can reduce or even eliminate your allergy symptoms. Treat your allergy symptoms naturally and save money by not having to buy anti-histamines anymore! To book an appointment, go to our contact page.


Many health issues begin with poor digestion. We will provide you with a deeper understanding of natural, holistic approaches to healing the digestive system and design a plan for your specific digestive issues including, but not limited to: heart burn, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation.

Hormonal System & Weight Loss

If we don’t eat food with the nutrients we all need, our bodies cannot maintain hormonal balance. Working to balance hormones naturally can make a big difference in overall health and weight loss. We can design a specfic plan to not only balance your hormones, but to also achieve and maintain a healthy weight long term. This can include homeopathic hormonal and weight loss remedies, amoung other things.

Mental Disorders

Good nutrition is the foundation of physical and mental health. Nutrient deficiencies may cause mental and behavioral disorders. A good diet and nutrition plan can help balance brain neorochemistry and improve mental disorders. We also have homeopathic neurotransmitter remedies that can help with this.


Musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis and joint pain, are major health concerns for many people (especially women). The combination of food, supplements, exercise and natural remedies can help reduce inflammation and pain, if not eliminate inflammation and pain altogether. Our protocol can really help with this.

Autoimmune Diseases

Our nutritional program for autoimmune diseases can help slow the progression of the disease. To manage the autoimmune system with diet and nutritional supplements requires a special protocol which is the different from any other nutritional program.

Pediatric Nutrition

It is so difficult to watch children suffer with an illness. This can cause stress affecting the entire family. Not only can we help address the cause and symptoms of the illness, but we believe “prevention is the best medicine.” We can also help by creating a program that assits children in developing and incorporating healthy habits into their lifestyle. A well-balanced diet is vital in boosting immune strength to protect against seasonal allergies and illnesses.

Natural Skincare (to treat eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, rosacea and acne)

Topical applications for skin conditions are not always effective treatmenst in some cases. Many skin disorders result from an unhealthy gut. Diet and body detoxes can play a key role in the treatment of the most common chronic skin disorders such as; psoriasis, eczema and acne. We can design a plan that focuses on attacking these disorders from the inside out resulting in clear beautiful and healthy skin.

Whole Body Detoxes

Body toxins are certainly one of the main underlying causes of most diseases. Removing toxins from your body should be the first step to recover from an illness. There are three important steps to regain optimal health which includes: REMOVE, RESTORE, REJUVENATE. We can design the best detox for your particular situation.

Nutritional Therapy for Cancer

Nutritional therapy for cancer patients should be an important part of their health program to achieve recovery. Many cancer patients experience digestive problems during their treatment. Proper nutrition can improve overall digestive health and help minimize or eliminate various symptoms, such as nausea, bloating and constipation. We can also provide information regarding many natural cancer remedies backed by research studies.

2- B.A.S.E. Allergy Treatments

If you suffer from allergies, you may want to consider B.A.S.E. Allergy treatments. This is a non-invasive process that is pain-free. See below for more detailed information.

3- Products for Sale

We offer competitively priced specialty products that are either difficult to find or are very costly. Our specialty products are ones that have superior nutritional value that we feel everyone could benefit from. Because of this, they are often part of our recommended programs. Check out our Products page here.

Individual Nutritional CounselingB.A.S.E. Allergy TreatmentsCharitable Services & DonationsPrice List for Services

Complete Nutritional Health Assessment: $210

The Cost of the initial assessment includes a complete Nutritional Health Assessment which includes 60-90 minutes of consultation, plus a written a report detailing the protocol and treatment specific to you.

  • Personalized meal plan based on high nutrient foods and your food preferences
  • Educational resources and lifestyle recommendations
  • Email and telephone support
  • Follow-up appointment (30 mins): $40
On-Line Consulting

We offer on-line consulting providing personalized one-on-one nutrition counselling from of your own home, via your computer or handheld device. To protect confidentiality we recommend you use Vsee, a secure Skype alternative for videos chats and virtual consultations.

  • Saves your time trying to reach the office
  • Counselling sessions can be scheduled at the end of the day
  • The whole family can join the session
  • Quick questions consultation
  • Follow up appointments
  • 25% off of regular price per session
To receive an on-line consultation

You need to submit your Lifestyle Assessment form download and Informed Consent form download

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Many allergic symptoms are dismissed and therefore ignored. Our Allergy seminar explains how to recognize allergies without medical tests and how you can achieve complete recovery from allergy symptoms. We offer B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapy to assist in the healing process (see below). We also offer a practical hypoallergenic cooking workshop.
For further information, see the Classes page.

B.A.S.E. (Body Analysis Sensitivity Elimination) Allergy Therapy

Do you have food sensitivities, pesky seasonal allergies or are you allergic to a pet? Are you tired of buying and taking anti-histamines every year? While we can teach you to clean up your diet and digestion to achieve optimal health, we can also provide BASE Allergy Therapy along with natural homeopathic remedies to reduce or even eliminate your allergy symptoms. We can make a homeopathic remedy specific to your allergies for a more targeted treatment.

BASE Allergy Therapy is a revolutionary technique that treats allergies and nutritional deficiencies. It can relieve a person of seasonal and food allergies, as well as many other disorders related to allergies or sensitivities.
It uses acupressure, applied kinesiology, Intra Sound Technology, basic Craniosacral Therapy and nutrition. It is completely safe, natural, painless, relaxing and noninvasive. The treatment involves applying acupressure and intrasound technology on specific acupuncture points along certain meridians while the client holds energy vials. This clears the body of blockages in the meridians related allergies; balances the systems and meridians; strengthens the immune system and clears nutritional deficiencies. Also, during this balancing stage, a basic Craniosacral Technique called stillpoint is used to further balance and clear the body.

Chairtable Services

Our goal is to help as many people as we can, including those less fortunate than the majority of us. We have set aside Wednesday evenings to assist these clients by offering nutritional counselling sessions for a reduced cost based on ability to pay. All we require is a recommendation from one of the following agencies:

  • Social Services
  • Welfare
  • Immigration Services

Please call 519-880-4312 or email us to book your appointment any Wednesday evening.


We also accept donations to assist in the purchase of natural remedies for those clients referred to us through our Community Services program. Every dollar donated will be used to purchase remedies for these referrals.

If you would like to donate funds for this cause, please contact us by phone 519-880-4312 or email. We appreciate all donations.

Initial Complete Nutritional Health Assessment: 1 Hour 30 Mins Price
Adults $210
Senior (65+) $150
Child $150
Follow-Up Appointments: 45 mins. Price
Adults $40
Senior $30
Child $30
B.A.S.E. Allergy Treatments: 40 mins. $45
Classes: Time varies by class Price
Individual Classes Price varies by class: see ‘Classes’ page
Seminar Package (includes all 14 classes) $1,200