Seasonal Allergies

We recently moved into a house that backs onto a wooded area.  This summer I started to get seasonal allergy symptoms - watery and itchy eyes, ears and throat.  B.A.S.E.  Allergy treatments were recommended, so I made an appointment with Sharon.  She talked to me about my symptoms and explained the connection to my diet and parasites. As I was reacting to pollens in my backyard, she had me 'catch' some on a wet Kleenex to bring along for the treatment and also made a homeopathic remedy from it. The B.A.S.E. treatment was painless and actually relaxing. Sharon told me the number of treatments required can vary from person to person but I could need up to five.  I took the homeopathic remedy she made from the pollens in my backyard along with another one for allergies and I was fine within a week. I did not need any further treatments. I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies.
Julia, Waterloo - ON


My 11-year-old daughter suffered from early childhood eczema and the chronic inflammation of the middle ear. We were treated by different specialists. In the last two years, her eczema has become much worse. We started to consult with Olga in January 2010. The course of treatment consisted of many different changes to her diet, breathing exercises and herbal creams that Olga made herself.

In a few months, there was a big improvement in my daughter’s health of my daughter. Inflammation of the ear was completely gone and there was almost no trace of eczema. Before meeting with Olga, I would never have believed that it would be possible to achieve such results in just a few months of natural treatments. Olga not only has good knowledge in the field of nutrition, but she is also an experienced herbalist. I highly recommend Olga to anyone looking for natural treatments.
Anna, Waterloo - ON

Stomach & Ear Pain with Dizziness

I called Olga when there was nothing else traditional medicine could do for me. After visiting the doctor so often, having blood tests, trying different pain and allergy medications including antibiotics with no results, I was eager to try a different approach. It was not easy at the beginning, mostly because of the strict diet I needed to adhere to, but with a little bit of discipline and determination I accomplished it. I feel healthy again!!!!

Every time I remember those episodes that I had during my last vacation, in which I even thought I had a terminal disease, I am so grateful for having decided to take this different approach. I planned my food for two weeks, bought all the ingredients in a weekend and organized my kitchen. It was like a regime! I love coffee, rice, bread, eggs, and chocolate...I learned I could say NO to these things during my detox.

Now, my body does not accept many of these foods and I don't get anxious about restricting myself of these foods. NO MORE STOMACH PROBLEMS, NO MORE EAR PAIN and NO MORE DIZZINESS!! I feel healthy again!!!

I try to buy mostly organic foods and eat a healthy diet as much as I can. I know, this food is expensive, especially for a student, but I think that my health and body are worth it!! I sacrifice other things (e.g., entertainment, clothing) because if I'm not healthy, what else matters?

Take care of your body and mind.
With love,
Paola, Kingston - ON

Fungal Infection

Two years ago I got a fungal infection called ‘tinia versicolor ‘all over my neck. It was red with white spots, looked ugly and grew wildly. I was desperate since it was hard to treat. I used medicated creams for fungal infections but they did hot help. Olga gave me a glimmer of hope when she told me an anti- fungal diet along with natural herbal creams could help heal my condition.

Olga created some natural herbal remedies and gave me a therapeutic diet that helped clear up my skin from fungus in a short time.
Julia, Waterloo - ON

Overcoming Constipation

I have suffered from constipation for many years. I tried some common constipation relief methods including eating more fruits, vegetables and fiber, but it didn’t work for me. I overcame my constipation with a few natural changes which were addressed to fix the root causes of constipation. Olga designed a specific diet, recommended supplements and natural remedies for restoring digestive health, and suggested water therapy, which have all been wonderful for my digestive system.
Galina, Kitchener - ON